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REVIEW: Mazda’s Adaptive Cruise Control (MRCC)


Meet Mazda’s MRCC, or Mazda Radar Cruise Control. It’s designed like most other adaptive cruise control systems, in that it will match the speed of a vehicle in front of you.

You have 3 options for setting distance, which is easily set via the up and down buttons on the right side of the steering wheel (circled below).

Trusting the system

Trust in the system is earned after spending some time with it. For the first few uses, you will cover your foot over the brake pedal in anticipation of a failure, but in our tests, it never failed. Confidence grows with each use.

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How does Mazda’s MRCC work?

MRCC uses radar sensors to judge the relative speed and distance to the car in front of it and adjusts the vehicle speed accordingly.

Note: this review was done on a 2018 Mazda CX-9.

See also: Mazda’s first all electric vehicle, the MX-30 (now confirmed as coming to the states).

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Mazda Adaptive Cruise Control Review

Easy to use, easy to learn to trust

Ease of use






  • +Easy to use
  • +Graphics displaying distance clear and easy to understand
  • +Smooth stopping and acceleration


  • -Would be much improved with Lane Centering (which Mazda does not currently sell)
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