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AcuraLink App

AcuraLink app allows you to connect to your vehicle from your smartphone. Convenience and security are at a touch of a button. Download the app today!

Download for iOS.


With the AcuraLink® app, you can:

Sell your car with Wheelzy

• Remotely start your vehicle to have your engine warmed up and the interior set to a comfortable temperature before you get in. (Only available for the 2019 RDX)

• Remotely interact with your vehicle, including checking your fuel level/range and locking or unlocking your door

• Find where your vehicle is parked and get walking directions right in the app

• Receive Maintenance Minder alerts and schedule appointments

• Send destinations directly to your vehicle navigation system (if equipped)

• Calendar events with locations can now be sent directly to the vehicle’s navigation system through the app (if equipped)

• Receive useful Feature Guide and Owner’s Manual/Guide for your vehicle

• Learn more about warning lamps and maintenance codes in the app

• Remotely flash lights to more easily find your car when your key fob is out of range

• Easily make Assist Calls to Acura Client Relations

• Concierge provides high level personal services for reservations and more

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