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Ford puts Google in the digital driver’s seat

In a major announcement, Ford has announced that they will be partnering with Google to provide the OS platform for their next-generation infotainment and digital experience. The partnership will also include cloud-based hosting, AI, and machine learning services from Google Cloud.

Android Automotive OS is a digital car platform for the media experience. Unlike Android Auto, it does not require an Android Device at all and is a fully embedded system. There are no production vehicles running AAOS (Android Automotive OS) at this time.

Google+Ford in the car OS preview
Preview UI of Audio Streaming from AAOS

Read the AAOS developer documentation for an insiders look at what’s coming to Ford vehicles.

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This partnership signals an important shift in strategy for Ford as it makes use of one of the most successful software companies in history. This new partnership is set to enable greater mobility while enhancing customer experience across both Ford’s consumer and commercial

In related news, as Apple prepares an announcement with Kia to arm the South Korean company with high tech screens, OS-level software, and other strengths of the world’s most valuable company (not just tech company).

And, where is Microsoft in this arms race?

They have significant platform/OS chops that would be highly valuable to other partners. And as GM has partnered with Epic Games to use their Unreal Engine in upcoming vehicles, like the Hummer EV, we’re interested in what platform they will be using.

Keep it peeled at for the latest.

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