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You can access your BMW remotely with your phone. The new My BMW App is the successor of the BMW Connected App with a new, modern design and simplified user interaction. Lock and unlock doors, locate your car, see your vehicle status, plan a trip or contact your BMW service partner with the My BMW

Download for iOS.


The My BMW App enables you:
– Vehicle: access your BMW remotely – unlock or lock your doors, activate climatisation and see important information at a glance – especially for electrified vehicles
– Map: find nearest parking spots, fuel and charging stations and send destinations to your in-car navigation system
– Profile: your personal settings and newest information of the world of BMW

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Discover the connected world of BMW with the My BMW App:

You can check your vehicle status, wherever you are. See at a glance if it’s “ALL GOOD” and get useful information like mileage, fuel status and more. Your vehicle key? No need for that anymore. The Digital Key exists on your smartphone, and you can share it with friends (available for Apple Smartphones and for vehicles with Operating System 7). What’s my current range? The My BMW App allows you to manage your charging needs and check your live charging status, so you can plan ahead. The My BMW App tells you “ALL GOOD” when oil level and tire pressure are OK and your vehicle is ready to go. Lock doors or activate climatisation with just a click. Use the My BMW App to remotely control core functions of your vehicle. Simply open the vehicle tab to get access. Find your car with your phone. The app will show where your BMW is located on the map.

Whether it’s for commuting or a business trip, holiday travel or a weekend getaway, the My BMW App gives you a range of smart navigation features to ensure you arrive on time. So you can relax and enjoy the drive. You can also use the map tab to search your area, see destination details and explore points of interest. Send them directly to your in-car navigation system. Plus, you can find parking spots and get useful information like opening times, tariffs and the current traffic situation. When driving a BMW Plug-in Hybrid or fully electric BMW vehicle you can check the electric range. In case you need a charging station, the My BMW App will guide you the way.

Do you want your BMW to be up to date with the latest software? My BMW App informs you when Remote Software Upgrades are available for download. Upgrades are installed over-the-air, just as they are for your smartphone (available for vehicles with Operating System 7). If your BMW requires servicing, the app will let you know. You can also see the opening times of retailers and schedule appointments with your preferred retailer. With the My BMW App you can directly contact the BMW roadside assistance. With BMW Points (currently available in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland) and a BMW Plug-in Hybrid you can collect points while driving electric and redeem them for BMW charging minutes. There is a whole range of BMW news and articles for you to explore.
Download the My BMW App now to get the full benefit of being connected with your BMW and see detailed information about your car – whenever, wherever.


Please note:
The My BMW App is optimized for 2014 and newer vehicles. Please be aware that the availability of the features is dependent on your vehicle capabilities and your ConnectedDrive contract. Some features (e.g. Amazon Alexa for vehicles with Operating System 5 and 6) will come in later versions in the My BMW App but can currently be found in the BMW Connected App. The availability of features might vary dependent on the country you are in.

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