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MyFerrari is the dedicated app for Ferrari clients: an exclusive key to the doors of Maranello that will bring you right to the heart of the world of Ferrari and keep you connected to the legend. It opens up a genuinely unique experience with you as the protagonist!

Download for iOS.



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Live your car in the most intense, complete way possible! Thanks to our fleet management services, you can:• See all the information on the Ferraris you have purchased and those awaiting delivery
• Add new models to your list
• Give your car a 360° check and receive alerts on all expiry/renewal dates and maintenance schedules
• Download your documents and manage your car’s contents
• Personalise images of your models and share them with Maranello experts
• Drive your car every day in the world of FerrariCONFIGURE YOUR NEXT FERRARIMyFerrari allows you to configure the car you want to purchase and then share it with your dealership prior to a personalised consultancy session.


Thanks to the app, your favourite Ferrari dealership will always be close by and you can:
• Find and select the Ferrari dealership closest to you
• Stay in constant contact with your regular dealership: constant consultancy always at your fingertips
• Request an appointment at an authorised Ferrari garage through the selected dealership


MyFerrari allows you to discover a whole world of events, news and products. All at your fingertips and there to browse whenever you want, wherever you want: exclusive content, premieres and previews, quirky facts and much more.Using the app’s Calendar and Events services, you will be able to:• See the events on the calendar, select the ones that interest you, and then synchronise them with your own diary
• Keep abreast of all the most significant news about Ferrari products
• Have a constantly updated overview of races and rallies
• Access photos, videos and other exclusive content


If you want to be sure you never miss a thing, you can also configure the notification service on your smartphone to allow MyFerrari to alert you to updates on areas of interest to you.
Simply personalise the content you want to see and tailor it around your tastes. You can also manage your favourite sections and become the protagonist.


Protecting your personal information is important to us. We want you to feel protected at all times. For this reason, during registration, we will ask you for the email and phone number already added to the Ferrari system by your regular dealership.
Find out more about our privacy policy here:

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