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Porsche Connect App

The Porsche Connect App is the digital interface to your Porsche. It is divided into three main areas: My Account, Navigation and My Car.

Download for iOS.


The Porsche Connect App offers the following functions:

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My Account

• Access your personal Porsche ID profile. Using your Porsche ID, data is synchronized between My Porsche, your navigation and infotainment system (Porsche Communication Management, or PCM for short), and the Porsche Connect App so that you don’t have to synchronize them manually.

• Display of your pairing code. You will need it to connect your vehicle to the Porsche Connect App.

• Make a breakdown call or report a theft*.

• Control smart home devices. Various NEST functions can be transferred to the PCM in your vehicle via the Porsche Connect App.

• Access millions of tracks with the Porsche Connect App. You can save the log-in credentials in the “My Account” menu item for music streaming services such as Napster,, or Amazon Music and simply control music playback in the PCM.

• Synchronize your calendar with your Porsche and always keep track of your appointments.


• Search navigation destinations in your contacts, in the calendar, or online, and then save them as a favorite.

• Create destinations comfortably in advance of a journey and send them to the vehicle.

• Determine the location of your vehicle with First Mile Navigation and let it guide you to the driver’s seat. Once you are in your sports car, your final destination seamlessly transfers from your mobile device to the PCM.

• Approach your destination with Last Mile Navigation: after parking your sports car, the navigation is automatically transferred from Porsche Communication Management to your smartphone.

My Car

• Control certain vehicle functions remotely: open or close doors.*

• Call up vehicle or trip data, such as mileage, fuel range or consumption.*

• Remotely control air conditioning to heat or cool your vehicle

• Check current battery status and use timer functions for your desired departure time

• See your individual vehicle configuration on opening the app.

• Set speed and location alarms

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