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Tesla Model S interior refresh for 2021 (photos)

For the first major visual update since launching in 2021, Tesla is now accepting reservations for the updated 2021 Model S Refresh. While most of the updates are inside the vehicle, the wheels and a few minor design pieces have been tweaked on the outside, including blacked out trim to match both the Model Y and Model 3 design updates from last. Let’s take a look at the refreshed Model S pics below. Prefer it in story format?

New 2021 Tesla Model S Photos

Model S updated dashboard (note no gear stalks!)
New cream interior option
8 inch backseat screen
Updated exterior with black trim

2021 Model S Interior (Web Story)

What do you think of the updated Tesla Model S? We’re big fans, especially of the darked out trim and extremely forward thinking interior.

But, hey, where’s the stick?

Great question and something the internet has been abound with comments, since the Model S Refresh has removed the left and right stick/stalks from the steering wheel (if you can call it a wheel, since it’s not a complete circle).

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Elon Musk has mentioned on Twitter that the Refreshed Model S does not include either a steering wheel stalk because the car will manage those controls for you, which means it will determine the gear selection you need at the time and will automatically engage the turn signals and windshield wipers. Don’t worry, there is still a manual control on the screen, but it’s not seen exactly how that will look from the pics.

Build your 2021 Tesla Model S at tesla.com

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What's our take?

Model S 2021 Update Review


  • +Stunning interior updates
  • +Backseat finally gets entertainment and controls
  • +Futuristic steering wheel


  • -Exterior design updates very minor
  • -Cost still very high
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