4 game-changing pieces of car tech revealed at CES 2021

1. Samsung’s take on a smart digital cockpit

Samsung (note: not a car manufacturer) showed off their 49-inch QLED display with 5G connectivity. Harnessing their screen production prowess alongside mobile connectivity from their smartphone lines, it makes more sense than at first glance. From the company that was first to put a screen on a fridge, we’re interested to see their vision on what drivers and passengers would find useful. Watch the video for a glimpse into Samsung’s vision with smart vehicles.

2. LIDAR on a chip

Mobileye’s next generation processor…

LIDAR (light/laser based distance measuring) is considered the gold standard against slower (but much cheaper) camera based sensors for cars, which are critical to advanced driving assistance systems, and may be the missing key to enable full self driving cars in the future. Mobileye is the leader in embedded sensors and chips for ADAS now, so if they are able to bring LIDAR on a chip, it will lower the cost of entry and certainly expand the availability to advanced systems much wider than they are available today. Read the full article.

No production vehicles use LIDAR currently, all are using a mixture of cameras and shorter ranged radar systems.

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SEE ALSO: Our ranking of ADAS (advanced driving assistance systems).

3. Smart glass roof

Initially launching on the Cadillac Celestiq, their EV flagship vehicle, it allows you to dynamically change the dimming of individual sections of the glass roof.

Now, can this be done on other windows? For example, we’d love to see this on the windshield to prevent glare from other oncoming headlights dynamically and in real-time.

4. How about an electric, flying car

The tech is called eVTOL – fully electric and requires “no roads.” Is this the flying cars of the near-future? GM, by way of their Cadillac brand, appears to think so.

Meet the Cadillac branded flying vehicle (pod)

See more new car tech from CES’s website.

What’s your favorite piece of new car tech from CES 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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